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Oil And Gas Investment With Jurassic Fuel Trading LLC

Jurassic Fuel Trading’s Managing Member, Mr. Dennis R. Kittler has been in the upstream side of the energy industry for a total of more than five decades of crude oil producing operations involving exploration and production of hundreds of oil and gas wells both onshore and offshore domestically and internationally (See Management Team Section). Jurassic Fuel Trading, LLC (“JFT”) has extensive knowledge and experience in producing crude oil and now the broader mid-stream fuel trading business.

It was a natural shift by Mr. Kittler to go into the fuel trading business having dealt with many refineries, suppliers, re-sellers, buyers and/or end-users over the years. Jurassic Fuel Trading (“JFT”) is building strong and lasting relationships focused solely on achieving results for the intermediaries, the suppliers and the buyers. JFT management understands the importance of accessing the buyer’s fuel requests at the best competitive market prices, logistics, acceptable transactional procedures, including banking and payment procedures. JFT through its industry relationships now has access to refinery trading desks and supplier mandates (both domestically and internationally).

JFT management will carefully vet each buyer and intermediary on all fuel requests or offers to sell prior to accepting a Request For Quote (“RFQ”). JFT requires an approved (vetted) Company Profile (“CP”) and Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Offer (“ICPO”) before submitting any trade to our supplier mandate. Our management and staff adhere to and believe in ethical and professional standards committed to serve the needs of our buyers and the rigid procedural requirements of our suppliers. We are receptive to working with qualified and experienced intermediaries. JFT stays away from a “daisy chain” of brokers. Our mandates require they negotiate with buyers directly.

Thank you for contacting Jurassic Fuel Trading, LLC ("JFT").  JFT management understands the importance of each and every new entity or individual who contacts us.  These are opportunities which could develop into a mutually beneficial trading relationship for years to come.  Therefore, it is important that you complete the form below with accurate contact information and detailed specifications (Q&Q).  


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