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We reasonably anticipate that Initial Venture Capital will be sufficient to pay for all Initial Operations.  However, it is possible that the Managing Venturer will deem it appropriate to participate in a Workover on the Prospect.  Everything other than Initial Operations should be considered to be a Workover of the Venture and could require financing in excess of the Initial Venture Capital

If Jurassic Fuel Trading determines that a Workover, for which Additional Assessments will be requested and is necessary to be commenced, written notice of the proposed operation will be given the Investors.  The notice given by Jurassic Fuel Trading to the Investors will specify the nature, the purpose of the Workover and the anticipated costs. It will describe the effect of not participating in the Workover and estimate each Investors proportionate share of the expenditure necessary to finance the Workover.

Investors will receive a ballot to vote on any major Additional Assessments. Those who elect to Vote to participate in Subsequent Operations will do so by paying their proportionate share of the Additional Assessment required from the Participating Venturers for the expenses for the Subsequent Operation.